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I offer Nutritional Lifestyle advice and Wellbeing Coaching from my base in Honiton East Devon. I aim to inspire you to lead the healthy, fulfilling life you chose. I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis to look at not only nutrition but the 8 elements of lifestyle that impact your health. 

If you are struggling with eating in a way that is suitable for you, or you are stuck in a cycle of not quite feeling well but don’t know why; then Wellbeing Coaching maybe the answer.

Coaching isn’t just for elite athletes or business gurus; it can help you unlock the hidden obstacles that are stopping you and help you to move forward to living a healthier, rewarding life that is right for you.Whether it is Nutritional advice, or Wellbeing Coaching, I work in a completely non-judgemental way. The sessions are tailored just for you.Check out my Nutrition and Wellbeing pages to find out more or contact me for a 15min discovery call to see if these therapies can help you.

Stress can impact so many areas of our health causing lack of energy, tiredness, IBS issues & headaches to name but a few. This is where Reflexology can be very powerful. It helps boost circulation, reduces stress, induce a sense of relaxation, and so aids natural healing.If you would like to know more or to try a treatment, check out my Reflexology page or contact me ……

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How Stress can suppress your Immune system
by Paula Fenegan

We are living in unprecedented times, that stress can suppress our Immune System. The coronavirus known as COVID-19 is in the news and the entire world is under lockdown for a pandemic, the likes of which has never been seen before. People are being encouraged to stay at home in order to protect the NHS. There are constant updates in the news media channels, describing the negative impact of the virus. But is this helping us?

Foods to boost immune system
by Paula Fenegan
What is the Immune system and where is it?

The Immune system is operating for us 24/7. It is a complex system made up of proteins and cells that defend the body against infections.  But how do you boost your immune system?

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