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Helping you to rebalance your health
and your energy

How can I help you?

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Have you had your life put on hold by Chronic Fatigue/ME/Fibromyalgia?
I can guide you with tools and strategies from a proven recovery programme back to your authentic self, full of health and vitality


Are you feeling tired all the time and lack energy? Do you crave the junk foods? Nutrition Coaching can help you identify the underlying causes and support you to make positive changes, so that you can rebalance your life.



Do you want to break free from overwhelm?
Do you want to have more energy?
Do you want to have tools & strategies to help you with your triggers?
Do you just want to feel well again?

I can help you.



Our physical, emotional and mental health are all interconnected. Each system in the body is dependant upon one another but we forget this and push ourselves to the limit. However, when we work with the body and nourish it, then good health is the result. There is no magic bullet, or one diet/lifestyle that suits everyone. My aim is to support you as an individual, to find what works for you, so that you can live the life you deserve with full passion and energy.

 I encourage you to eat in harmony with your body and your environment for maximum vitality.

 To value self care as a fundamental element of good physical & mental health, without feeling guilty.

As the airlines say “Put on your own mask first before helping others.”

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