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Holistic Therapies, what does that mean?

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Holistic Therapies is a complementary therapy term, meaning therapies that treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.  Reflexology and Nutritional Healing, both look at the body from this viewpoint.


The benefits of looking at the body from an holistic viewpoint are profound. Therefor you are working with the body to help it heal itself, instead of working against it.

The main factors that are evident in all disease are congestion, inflammation and tension. In holistic terms, disease  is caused by an imbalance, or blockage in the body. When you remove this blockage, then the organ can function efficiently and health resumes.

Disease has many factors, stress is only one. The cause of 70% of all illness is thought to be in part due  to stress. Whilst we cannot always control the stress in our modern world, if  we can control our attitudes towards it, then we can mitigate the effects it can have on us.


Reflexology aims to correct these imbalances, reduce stress and return the body to homeostasis. Visit our Reflexology page here to read more about our therapy services.


Nutritional Healing works with the body in a naturopathic form. It aims  to give the body the correct  foods and hydration it needs, to supply nutrients needed  to maintain health.

Read more about on our Therapy page about how these therapies could be of value to you, why not call, or email me to arrange an appointment.








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