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Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching 

How to avoid overwhelm & burnout

Are you constantly feel overwhelmed & tired ?

Are you feeling stuck but don’t really know how to change things?

Do you have so much to do for everyone else but no time for you?

Constantly feeling tired & overwhelmed

When you are constantly feeling tired and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to restore balance to your life & relationships.  Everyone wants something from you. You feel depleted and close to burnout. But change is always possible. Just sometimes it just takes the skills of a Wellbeing coach to help guide you along a path and then a willingness by you, to do what it takes. My 90 day program will give you that roadmap.

  • Discover what areas of your life are out of balance
  • Where can you make changes that stick.
  • What you can do to support your health, both  physically & mentally.
  • How to stop  feeling  tired and overwhelmed

Why work with me?

As, a qualified ILM coach, I can help you discover those areas where you are blocked.

The self-doubt, limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. I have the tools to inspire you to take control of your life and move forward in your chosen direction, at a pace that is right for you. We all innately have the answers inside of us, sometimes we just need to be guided where to look to find them.

Review, Refresh, Renew Package

This is my 90day package  to a better version of you!

Bi-monthly 1-2-1 coaching on mindset, limiting beliefs, values that drive our decisions

Nutritional advice on foods to support health & wellbeing.

Stress reduction techniques & advice.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, then contact me for

a free, no obligation call, to explore your options.


 Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue

ME or Fibromyalgia?

Stressed business woman

Struggling with extreme tiredness unable to get out of bed, yet other days are fine?

Do you wake up each morning to constant pain?

Feeling lost and isolated, constantly looking for answers ?

How can can Wellbeing Coaching help your Recovery?

I specialise in working with clients who have developed chronic fatigue/fibrommyalgia and are unable to navigate a way out of it.  I help you to understand why this has happened to you and give you the support and guidance of a proven recovery pathway back to health and vitality.

  • You will  identify the underlying cause of your health problems
  • Be empowered to make the changes necessary to achieve your health goals
  • Feel fully supported on your journey back to good health
  • You will learn effective self-help tools to enable you to take back control of your health

Why work with me?

As a Chrysalis Effect Recovery Practitioner, ILM accredited Well-being coach, Reflexologist/Nutrition Practitioner, I know the isolation and frustration you feel searching for a roadmap back to health.

It is vital  that we address all aspects of your health and lifestyle, in order  to achieve long lasting well-being. The Chrysalis Effect is the leading provider of an online and easily accessible recovery focused pathway, for those suffering with these illnesses.

This programme is uniquely tailored to your specific requirements and will include one to one sessions, where we look in depth at the underlying causes of your symptoms. We address recovery in an holistic manner, using the 8 Element Freedom Wheel, to help you understand the full picture. Nothing happens in isolation, everything is interrelated. Together we can identify which areas of your life need to be addressed to support your recovery.

My sole aim and that of my Chrysalis Effect colleagues, is to support you back to health. Therefore, the team work in a cross-referral way, in order to provide a tailored made solution for you. However, I want to reassure you, most importantly that recovery is possible, though the  road to it, is unique to everyone.

Healthcare recovery

Specialist Recovery Coaching Package

If you are interested in working in an holistic way and doing whatever it takes to return to health, book in for your free Discovery consultation.  As such, this free 30 minute session,  gives you an opportunity to get to know me and find out how I can help you.

Therefore, you can then decide if this style of  programme is right for you.

Above all, once I understand your situation more fully, I can discuss the appropriate package of care for you. Sessions are carried out online on Zoom or in person.

Contact me for a  Discovery call (free)30-minute session.





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