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Nutrition Coaching

Nutritional Coaching in East Devon

I currently offer Nutrition Coaching in East Devon. I use a naturopathic approach,which is looks at the whole person to establish their current state of ‘dis-ease’. By assessment of their diet, lifestyle and environmental factors, which all play a significant part in our physical and emotional well being; then a suitable way forward can be found.

Vegetables in a basket

Factors affecting health

Often stress and lifestyle factors can cause us to make unhealthy choices. We are all human after all. However, these all have a knock on effect on our digestion and assimilation. We are only as good as the food we eat and digest correctly in the body.

We wouldn’t dream of putting the wrong fuel in our car, yet we often unknowingly do it to our bodies every day. Just as your car would ultimately breakdown, so too will your body and ‘dis-ease’ enters the picture.

How Nutritional Healing can help you.

By using my nutritional healing knowledge and wellbeing coaching, I can help  to establish a lifestyle that is suitable for you. It is not a one diet fits all approach. What might suit one person, might not suit another.

I firmly believe in the 80/20 principle, whereby we eat a basic therapeutic diet 80% of the time, allowing 20% for treats or special occasions.That way we can enjoy life fully.

Small changes can produce big results and change our overall vitality. Ultimately, its not about being perfect, its about being better than we used to be.