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Paula Fenegan Wellbeing Coaching

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

When you are constantly feeling tired and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to restore balance to your life & relationships. Everyone wants something from you. You feel depleted and close to burnout. But change is always possible. Just sometimes it just takes the skills of a Wellbeing coach to help guide you along a path and then a willingness by you, to do whatever it takes. My 90-day program will give you that roadmap.

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What is your 12 Week Roadmap and how will it help me?

My “Rest, Refresh, Renew Program” allows you to press pause on your current diet & lifestyle and reboot to a happier, healthier  you !

💚 STEP 1

I take you through a 21day Nutrition Kickstart to help support your gut and help you feel healthier and more energised.  Your gut really is the foundation upon which all health is based. Your gut bacteria create your B vitamins, your happy hormones and much more. Once you feel better physically then we can move on to the next step.

💚 STEP 2

6x Reflexology sessions that will lower the stress response, reduce the anxiety and overwhelm, so that you are better able to think more clearly. You will have a renewed sense of calm and wellbeing.

💚 STEP 3

Once you are feeling better physically, then we can move forward with coaching to uncover those emotional issues holding you back. You will understand how your core values underlie all your decisions. You can then move forward with a plan of action to take your towards your chosen goals and dreams.

Why work with me?

As, a qualified ILM coach, I can help you discover those areas where you are blocked. It could be crippling self-doubt, anxiety or limiting beliefs you never even knew you had that are keeping you stuck. We all have them and have often picked them up in childhood but they no longer serve us as adults.  I have the tools to inspire you to take control of your life and move forward in your chosen direction, at a pace that is right for you. We all innately have the answers inside of us, sometimes we just need to be guided on where to look to find them.

Discover what areas of your life are out of balance

  • Where can you make changes that will stick?
  • What you can do to support your health, both physically and mentally.
  • How to stop feeling tired and overwhelmed all the time.


“Rest, Refresh, Renew”

This 12 week package to a more balanced life includes:

💚 A  21-day Nutrition Kickstart Programme to support you physically & boost your energy. A health gut equals a healthy brain ! You can then start to think more clearly about your future path.

💚 6 x Reflexology sessions to reduce the stress response, alleviate anxiety and get the body back into a state of balance, leaving you with a greater sense of wellbeing.

💚 6 x- 1-2-1  Wellbeing coaching to get to the heart of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your sucess. Become aware of your core values and create a action plan to move towards your dreams. Your core values drive all of your decisions, when you understand this you can make decisions in alignment with your chosen path.

💚 Stress reduction techniques & advice to support your new lifestyle

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£ 899




Reached midlife and not sure what you want out of life anymore?

Feeling a bit lost?

Not sure what your options are?

Why not book a power hour plus?

90 mins to brainstorm ideas for moving forward.

Get insight into what might be holding you back and develop an outline of steps you can take to move you in the direction of your goals.

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