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 Welcome to my new Superfoods Book!

The book is designed for children of primary school age, or can be read to younger children. It’s a rhyming book based around the different parts of the body. There are characters such as Brian the Brain, Harry the Heart etc. It explains to the children where they are in the body what they do and what foods they like, in a fun way. They are able to colour the different characters in and also discover a ‘super fact’ about that part of the body.

It comes with a little rainbow chart that parents can use like a star chart, to encourage them to eat different coloured fruits and vegetables. 

When the book is purchased there is a link on my website to recipes for the characters to try with your children, or even make with them.

The idea is  to get children interested in healthy eating without realising it. Just a bit of fun!




Paula Fenegan.

Paula is a Nutritional Therapist and Reflexologist. She has a love of all things health & wellbeing and loves to travel. She runs a busy clinic in East Devon offering Nutritional Therapy and Reflexology to the local community.

Illustrator: Giorgia Mitchell aged 15yrs. A creative and talented young designer from East Devon. Though still at school, she has a bright career ahead of her in illustration & design.

1 review for Superfoods

  1. WorkBenchSky

    Great book, my children love it.

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